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DST Cusip Conversion is a program that updates cusips and fund codes for individual Companies in your database.

You must have the program downloaded and saved to your ?:\inscomm folder. You can make an icon for this program on your desktop by opening windows explorer, open your inscomm folder, locate the file named: DSTCusipConversion.exe, right click on it and choose send to then choose Desktop (create shortcut).

Once you have the program downloaded simply choose the Company(s) from the list that you wish to update. Save the file(s) to your ?:\inscomm\shared folder.

Before running the conversion make sure you have the current cusip table downloaded.

To run the conversion:

Double click the icon DSTCusipConversion.exe on your desktop. To the left select the Company. If you would like to update the Product type, check the box Update Inscomm Product Type. Click Update to run the conversion. This will update all the cusips, fund code and product types in your database for that company .