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QUICK WRITE is the Word Processing portion of the program that merges with your Client file or the Mass Mailing portion of the program.

From the Client Screen it is called Quick Write. It is a full word processor that includes Mail Merge Fields.

When you click on Quick Write from the client screen it opens with that clients name and a document library. You can open any exiting document from here, print a document to the client/dependent, or create a new docment. There is also a Preview button to view the document with the mail merge fields.

To open an existing document from Quick Write, select the document from the library by highlighting it and click on documents (top center), this brings the document into the word processor.

To print a document to the client, select the client and document from the library by highlighting them and click Print.

To create a new document, click Documents on the Quick Write screen, name the document before you create it by choosing new under Documents, (upper left corner) give it a name and click OK. You can always rename this or any document by clicking on Document and choosing rename.

The Mail Merge Fields are a way to print the clients name, address, greeting, current date etc... without typing it into the document.

To insert a Mail Merge Field, click on Insert at the top of the word processor, choose Mail Merge Field. Select the one you want to insert and click ok. You can use as any as you like.

AutoAddress inserts your clients name and address.

mm/dd/yyyy inserts the current date etc...

After you have inserted your Mail Merge Fields, type your document. Save it by either clicking on the green check mark or by clicking on Documents and then save. It will be saved in the documuent library.

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