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An optional product to the INSCOMM Software package is the ability to download your mutual fund and variable products data into our software using the internet.

The mutual fund and variable product companies upload their data on your clients to a company by the name of DST.

DST serves as the middleman. You log on to your internet provider and use the INSCOMM Software to retrieve or download the data into your database.

DST is a major financial service company located in Kansas City. Most of the mutual fund companies and many of the variable products companies are uploading to DST on a daily basis. INSCOMM is one of the few companies that can retrieve ALL the data on your customers from DST and import that information directly into the INSCOMM database. You don't even need the clients in the database. We will import name, address and social security data along with all the product data and transactions for you. All easy to do and very reliable.

The advantage to you of course is that you can print consolidated statements, performance reports, graph, bar and pie charts for presentation to your clients. No need to spend hours collating statements from the various fund or variable companies web sites and trying to organize them into a professional presentation, INSCOMM does that for you. And the real advantage with INSCOMM is that for that information that you can not download from any source you can input manually and include in the consolidated reports and performance reports. Examples of data that you can't download from any source are: policy information; fixed and indexed annuities; securities data on mutual fund or variable annuities and variable life that some companies do not send for download; and any other products that you market which are permitted to be entered into INSCOMM. A more professional product to present to your clients at a major saving of time and expense. Many vendors will download only the Price Refresher File from DST - the change in the NAV. We on the other hand bring all the files down from DST, which thus encompasses all the activity on your clients account at the fund company.

The Files Include:

ACCOUNT MASTER - This is the initial file for each fund and contains basic demographic data (name, address and social security number) and financial account data (account number, cusip and fund code). Your database is populated without you having to begin entering anything.

NEW ACCOUNT ACTIVITY - Same as the Account Master, but as the title indicates it is the new business activity and follows as needed once the Account Master has been imported.

ACCOUNT POSITION - Contains the balance on each account. It is downloaded once per month.

PRICE REFRESHER - The current NAV for your funds. It is downloaded daily. The recalculations performed by the software gives you an ongoing, daily account balance.

FINANCIAL DIRECTIVES - Purchases, Redemptions, Transfers and all account activity when it happens.

DISTRIBUTIONS - Dividend and Capital Gain Distributions when they occur.

For Variable Products sub-accounts are listed and updated.

You don't have to download daily, or even weekly. But you have to download from DST at least once per month. So you can download on whatever schedule which you are comfortable with.

Call INSCOMM at 1-800-INSCOMM (467-2666) and ask for anyone in Marketing, and we will share with you an exciting product at a price much more competitive than available elsewhere.