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Ifax is a program that allows the user to send faxes and/or emails using a Mass Mail file.

Example: In your Mass Mail file, if some of the clients have email addresses and some have fax numbers, Ifax will send the .tif via email to the ones with email addresses and via fax to the ones that have fax numbers.

Ifax is located in the Inscomm folder. In order to create a shortcut on your desktop for Ifax, you will need to go into windows explorer, open your Inscomm folder, locate the Ifax icon. Right click on this icon and select send to, then select desktop.

Before using Ifax, you will need to have a Mass Mailing list created. For instructions on creating a mass mail list, click on the link.

After you have created the Mass Mail file, open Ifax from the icon you created on your desktop.

Tab 1), Scanned Image to Send, is where you scan in the document to fax. You can either open a .tif file that is already saved on your computer or scan a new image into this window.

To open a file located on your computer, click on the open file (the yellow folder icon). The file has to be a .tif file to be used with this program.

To scan an image, click on select scanner.

Then select the appropriate scanner in the select source window, and click on ok

After you have selected your scanner, you can click on scan pages. You will need to scan each image into a separate page. Do this by clicking on next page before scanning the next image.

The icons along the top of the screen can be used to adjust the image. The options available include: print file, toggle panning zooming, toggle magnifier, zoom in, zoom out, reset zoom, best fit image, scan pages, select scanner, cut to clipboard, copy to clipboard, paste from clipboard, toggle annotation mode, edit tiff tags, invert, rotate 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees, deskew, remove border, effect manager, first, next, prior, and last tiff pages.

Once you have completed adjusting the image, click on Tab 2): Send Faxes/Emails

The first box, labeled Mass Mail file, gives a listing of all your Mass Mail files. Scroll through the listings and select the one to be used. To the Right, under Data Preview, it will show you a preview of the mass mail list that you have selected.

Click on Setup to setup your fax and email settings.

Set dialing to tone or pulse. Also set the Com Port to reflect the correct port on your computer.

Under station ID type your name and fax number.

SMTP Host Name and User Name are for your email. If you do not know this information, you can get it from your Internet Service Provider. These are the same settings used for your regular email account.

In the Name field, put the name which you would like to show with the message in the from line. Put your email address in the Email Address field.

Under Priorities, you have the options send email over fax and send fax over email. You select which method you prefer. Send Email Over Fax will send emails first and then send faxes to anyone in the Mass Mail listing that does not have an email address. The opposite is for send fax over email. This option will send faxes to everyone with fax numbers and then emails to those without fax numbers.

Click OK when you are finished with setup

At the bottom of the screen you can type in an email subject. And you can also add text for a cover page or email message.

Click on send when you are ready to send the file.

To the right you will see boxes marked Unsendable and Sent To. These boxes indicate who was successfully sent the fax/email and who was not. If anyone appears in the Unsendable box, it means that they did not have a valid fax number or email address assigned in the Mass Mail file.

When it is finished sending, click the Close button.