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Data Backup/Restore


The backup/restore program within Inscomm allows you to backup your data to various media. You can backup to floppies, zip disks, compact disks or even your hard drive.

To open Data Backup/Restore either click on the disk icon along the top of the Inscomm screen or go under the file menu to Data Backup/Restore. This will open to the entry screen for data backup.  

On the first screen, select the files you would like to backup. Client Base Data is all of your client information including demographic information as well as product information, quick write documents and the activity calendar. (unless you are using separate calendars). Imaging is all scanned images in Inscomm. Mass Mailing is all of your mass mail lists. Documents is everything saved in the word processor. Selecting Shared backs up the Zip Code and CUSIP files. They can be downloaded from the internet if needed. After you have put checks in front of the items you are going to backup, click Next Step.

The next window shows files to exclude from the backup. You do not need to use this screen when backing up your Inscomm folders. Click Next Step to continue.

The next screen is where you are backing up to. Click on Browse and locate the drive you want to backup to. For example: If backing up to floppy disks select your A:\ drive. The destination will read: A:\

If backing up to larger media such as a zip disk or cd, after selecting the drive we suggest that you type in today's date (no dashes or spaces) after the drive letter. This will allow you to backup to the same zip disk or cd again without overwriting the exsisting backup. Ex: E:\05302002 Click Next Step.

The last window is your backup options. Under Backup Mode, select Full. Under Backup Options choose to select Backup Open Files, Skip Locked Files, but include Verify During Backup. Under Compression select Quick. Click on Start Backup.


To restore data from a backup, open Data Backup/Restore and click on the Restore tab at the top of the screen. The first screen is where you select the backup set to restore. For example, if you backed up to a floppy disk, insert the 1st floppy disk into your A:\ drive and click the Browse button. Locate your A:\ drive and select the file: My backup.001. Then click Next Step.

This step and the next are very important:

The next window is selecting which files to restore. Because you are restoring all of the Inscomm data files, you need to put an X in the first box you see. (shown below) Then click Next Step.

The last step is instructing the system how to restore. Under Restore Mode, select ALL. Under Restore options, always select Restore Attributes and Skip Locked Files.

If Inscomm is installed on the C:\ drive on the computer you are restoring to, then the Select Location To Restore To: should be set to C:\. If it is installed on D drive, then type in D:\ then click Start Restore.

When the backup is complete, click on Close. This will close you out of the Backup/Restore window.