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Inscomm Email

To use Inscomm Email, you first need to enter in your email settings. Do this by clicking on Setup|E-Mail settings.

In the email settings, you need to fill in the SMTP Host Name, SMTP Port, Host User ID, Name to Use, and Email Address. You have the option to specify a different Return To Address and attach a Signature File if wanted. You can get the settings for your email from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Or if you are already using another email program, such as Microsoft Outlook Express, you can get the settings from the account information in that email program. (For Example: In Outlook Express, this information can be found by going under the Tools menu to Accounts, Select the Mail tab, highlight your mail account and click on properties)

Click OK to close the Settings window.

You can send regular email or email Compliance Reports from Inscomm. To send a general email to someone in your database, open Client Information. Press Find for the person you would like to send the email to. Click the email icon along the left side of the client screen.

You will be given an option to use Inscomm mail or your default mail. If you select Inscomm mail this will bring up a blank email message addressed to this person. It uses the email address from Client Information, Tab 2 More.

You can send the email to more than one client by clicking on the Rolodex icon next to the To field.

Select the names of the clients that you are sending the email to and Click Add. Once you have selected all the clients that you want to send the email to, Click OK. You can look for a specific client by typing in the field marked Search For.

By selecting the option to Save To Notes, it will put a copy of the email in Tab 3 Notes of the Client Information screen of each client that you send the email to.

You can print a copy of the email by clicking Print at the top of the Send Email window.

You can also add attachments to the email by clicking on Attach. This will default to your x:\Inscomm\Document folder. You can use the drop-down menu at the top to navigate to other locations on your computer.

Once you have everything setup, Click Send to send a copy of the email to each client that you have specified.

Using Inscomm Email, You also have an option to email the Compliance Reports. You can do this through Report Center. The first step is to setup your email. Open the report center, Click on the Compliance Reports tab, then Click on Email Setup. In the email setup window, you will have to fill in your Email address, Outgoing mail server (SMTP), and User Name. After entering this information click on OK

Run one of the reports. Example: if you run the Broker’s Book report, you can email it instead of printing this out and then sending it in the mail. Once you have selected the information for the report, instead of clicking Print/Preview, click on Email.

In the Email To window, you have the option to Preview Report, so you can verify the information is correct before sending the email. Save Report As allows you to save the report to a location on your computer. Fill in the Email To address. Then enter a subject and type your message in the Quick Message area. Then click on Send.

To send mass mailings through email with the ability to merge Quick Write documents, see Imail.