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Imail is a program designed to allow users to send a mass mailing through email using Quick Write documents and the mail merge fields along with allowing the user to add various file attachments.

Imail is located in the Inscomm Folder. In order to create a shortcut on your desktop for Imail, you will need to go into windows explorer, open your Inscomm folder, locate the Imail icon. Right click on this icon and select send to, then select desktop.

Before using Imail, you will need to have a mass mailing list and quick write document created. For instructions on creating a mass mail list or quick write document, click on the links.

After you have your Mass Mail list and Quick Write document created, open Imail from the shortcut on your destop.


The first box, labeled Mass Mail File, gives a listing of all yor mass mail files. Scroll through the listing and select the file to be used.

In the next box, select the Quick Write Document to be used in the mailing.

Once you have selected both the Mass Mail file and the Quick Write document, you will see a preview on the right hand side of your screen. This screen allows you to preview the way that the client will receive the file.

Next, click on tab 2) Send.


Your Internet service provider (ISP) can provide you with your SMTP Host Name, User Name, and Email Address. These are the same settings that you use for your regular email account. If you do not know what these settings are, you can contact your ISP for this information.

In the field marked Name, you are able to specify a name that the listing is being sent from. For example, if you put Name: Inscomm Software, Inc., then when you send the email it will show Inscomm Software Inc., in the From line of the email.

The subject line is where you put a brief description of what the email is about.

You can attach various files by clicking on the + under Attached Files and then locating the file on your computer.

Locate and select the file(s) to be attached, then click on Open to attach the file(s).


After you have the files attached that you selected, they will diplay along the left-hand side of the screen as shown above.


To send the mailing, click the send button on the bottom right.

After clicking send, you will be shown which files were sent and if there were any that were unsendable.

The box marked Sent to Clients indicates the emails that were sent without any errors.

The box marked Unsendable Clients shows you the client names that were unable to be sent . Either these clients do not have an email address specified in the mass mail list or they do not have a valid email address.

After the mailing has been sent, click on close to end the program.